One of these things
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Click on the photo that doesn’t belong. Race the clock to see how many photo sets you can get through before time runs out!

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This game requires quick thinking and highly focused attention.

Overcoming all of life’s daily distractions and figuring out what to pay attention to is a continual challenge. You must be able to focus on new details while holding important information in your working memory long enough to use it!

Memory Match
Game 2 of 7

Look for pairs of matching images. Find as many matches as you can as quickly as possible.

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This game will help you hone your attention, categorization, and recall skills.

Memory Match will help your processing speed. Processing speed is all about mental flexibility and agility. It will help you shift your thinking quickly, adapt to changes, and reorganize your thoughts as new situations arise.

Find the Difference
Game 3 of 7

Look for differences between two photos. See how quickly you can spot all the differences.

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This game will hone your focus and attention to detail.

Play Find the Difference to hone your focus and attention. While playing, you must focus on the important information use searching strategies to find differences between two photos.

Find It
Game 4 of 7

Find the hidden images within the bigger picture. Hone your memory, attention to detail, and searching strategies.

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This game requires memory, attention to detail, and searching strategies.

Find It! helps you work on all kinds of memory functions -- attention, short term memory, visual memory, verbal memory, and recall.  When you focus on more than one memory function at once, it helps to use a strategy to make your practice more effective.

Game 5 of 7

Try to remember if the current image matches the previous image shown. Work as fast and accurately as possible.

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This game requires quick thinking, ability to adapt, visual memory, and problem solving all at once!

Match helps you target three important brain processes -- visual processing speed, working memory, and reaction time. Match forces you to hold pieces of visual information in your working memory just long enough to compare to the next piece of information. You must sort through the visual information and then react quickly.

Game 6 of 7

Memorize an image before it disappears. Reassemble the pieces of the image to recreate the photo – like a jigsaw puzzle!

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This game requires attention to detail, memory, and the ability to put all the pieces together.

Playing Scrambles helps you to focus on your Working Memory while using higher level thinking skills that are part of Executive Functioning.

Game 7 of 7

Sort photos from a specific category. Watch your organizational skills increase as you master this game.

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This game uses your learning, memory, and speed skills.

Playing Categories will use your executive function—your ability to plan, organize, and make sense of your world. By creating order out of the scrambled photos and sorting into categories, you are actually using a high level of thinking that includes putting things in the right order and being able to shift form one task to another. Each of these is critical to helping you get through the day.

Workout your most important muscle

Welcome to Prevagen Games, a place where you can improve your brain health by having fun!

Have you or those close to you noticed your brain slowing down? Have you felt like you aren’t able to remember things like you could when you were younger? Do you want to keep your brain in good shape for years to come?

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Exercise Your Brain

Exercise your Brain

It is common knowledge that in order to have a healthy body, you should eat a well-balanced diet and get plenty of exercise. One piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked, however, is how to keep your brain healthy.

Just like physical exercise keeps your body healthy, mental exercise can help keep your brain healthy and ensure you feel mentally sharp as you age.

Brain exercise can take many forms, including:

  • Trying a new skill or hobby
  • Engaging in stimulating conversation with others
  • Learning a new language
  • Playing brain games regularly
About Prevagen Games

About Prevagen Games

At, you can challenge your brain by playing a variety of games that focus on different aspects of your memory and brain health. By returning to play frequently, you can improve your memory and keep your brain healthy for years to come.

  • Memory Match – Hone your Attention, Categorization, and Recall Skills.
  • Find the Difference – Increase your Focus, Attention to Detail, and Executive Function
  • Match – Work on your Visual Processing, Working Memory, and Reaction Time
  • Scrambles – Refine your Working Memory and Executive Function
  • One of these Things – Sharpen your Attention, Focus, and Visual Processing
  • Categories – Improve your Learning, Memory and Speed
  • Find it! – Practice your skills in Short-Term Memory, Attention to Detail, and Searching
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